A Residency Provides Dance for Everyone!
An Ageless Adventures in Movement Residency for your retirement
will provide true lifestyle changes! During the course of a week focusing
on dance and movement, residents will encounter both the cognitive and physical
benefits of movement as they enjoy a diverse array of movement opportunities.
They will learn the benefits through:

•        Discussion
•        Lecture
•        Small group meetings
•        Dance/fitness classes
•        Workshop experiences

All of these opportunities will be provided to people of all levels of mobility and
ability, with some sessions especially designed for those with low mobility,
neurological issues, and others for more active people.  The week’s overall design is
inclusive for everyone!  Sessions are

The quality of life we will enjoy as we age is determined in a large part by how and
whether we move. Our bodies are made to synchronize with rhythms, and dancing
reinforces the natural healing rhythms of our bodies. Recent studies provide
increasing evidence to support the impact of dance training on both cognitive and
physical aspects of health. No time is more important than now to develop and
promote a dance and fitness lifestyle! We move toward health changing lives…one
step at a time.
Dance is For Everyone!
Mindful Moves
Creative Dance for those with mobility issues

Creative Dance

Creative Dance for more active residents

Dance fitness for everyone

Fitness fun moving to Latin and World Music

A unique memory experience

They prance to the music as they circle the table. Their eyes glance at the multitude
of artifacts laid out randomly. The music changes. the prance becomes a prowl. They
focus on the artifacts, intent now on stirring up a memory. Memories are prompted…
the little girl scared of merry-go-rounds, the woman learning of the passing of
someone dear, the young man swooning with drink. Participants play out their
memories through movement.

And this is the essence of the “Creating Health… One Story… One Dance at a Time”
workshop.  Suanne and Cynthia, who lead this workshop, are amazed when these
movement pieces end on the music’s final note.  After this magical experience,
participants will leave the workshop in a glow!

Dance for Parkinsons
A special approach for those moving with Parkinson's and other neurological
challenges. Both Cynthia and Suanne are trained in
Dance for PD®
Let’s Plan Your Dance Residency!

It all starts when you invite Suanne or Cynthia, or both artists (recommended
especially if you have a large population) to visit your community for one
week. They will plan a focus of dance related activities with your particular
residents in mind. The idea is to encourage all residents to participate and to
surround them with the physical and cognitive benefits of dance.

The week long focus of your community will be DANCE FOR EVERYONE! The
artists will be onsite daily for small group meetings and discussions with
residents, daily dance fitness classes, workshops, and a final performance by
the residents – for the residents and their friends.

The cost:
One artist onsite five hours a day Monday through Friday: $1500 plus travel
Two artists onsite five hours a day Monday through Friday: $2700 plus travel
Contact: Suanne Ferguson, ferguson.suanne@yahoo.com, or
              Cynthia Alicea, mindfulmoves@gmail.com