Timely Tip: With resistance comes strength!

Low Protein + Lack of exercise = Sarcopenia.  

Sarcopenia is a scary word, and a scary condition.  

Without even knowing it, at the age of forty we’re in the beginning stages of sarcopenia.   What is
it?  The term is derived from Greek root words, sarx (flesh), and penia (loss).  We begin to lose our
flesh—our muscle mass.  Along with the corresponding gain of fat mass and many natural
biochemical modifications, if we don’t take charge, we will experience serious functional and
metabolic outcomes that negatively influence our quality of life.  Sarcopenia typically arises during
the fourth decade of life, accelerates after the age of 50, and may advance more rapidly after the
approximate age of seventy-five.

The good news is that we are born with every muscle fiber that we will ever have.  In other words,
our muscle fibers develop in the womb.  Our muscles grow by making changes to present fibers.  
What this means is very important to the aging adult.  It simply means that even with sarcopenia
present, you can still get stronger.  With strength training, motor units that were previously inactive
can become active, and the surviving motor units (made up of muscle fibers) can also become
larger and stronger.  Our brain actually increases its ability to coordinate the recruitment of
individual motor units.

This really is good news!  It means that you are in charge.  You can decide to begin or increase
your strength training, often called resistance training.  Age, is not the issue.  Sarcopenia is not the
issue.  The true concern is whether or not you want to become stronger and remain healthy.  

Find the appropriate nutrition and exercise plan for you.  Be sure that your nutrition plan provides
adequate calories and high quality protein to support your activity.  Strength, or resistance, training
is the best medicine for sarcopenia, and to prevent sarcopenia.
Doctors can keep us alive...
Proper nutrition and exercise
can make it worth living!