Keto or Ketogenic eating is a way of life that results in numerous health benefits, and often in weight loss.  This
way of eating provides a low carboyhydrate, medium protein, and high fat diet.  It focuses on real foods and the
science that explains the basis for eating in this manner.  You will find great supportive information on and  They are great resources that will point you in the direction to learn more
about all of the aspects of Keto.

Keto is very different than the Standard American Diet, and it is sometimes very difficult to accept that many of the
notions about food that we have grown up with are mistakes.

We’ve been told all of our lives that fat is detrimental to our health. We have been bombarded with low fat
products that are often full of sugar and other additives, and strangely enough this has coincided with the obesity

Studies now show that there’s no reason to fear natural fats. Fat is your friend because it keeps you satisfied and
it encourages a drop in the hormone insulin. It is not fat that is keeping you fat, it is insulin. Read the science in
the websites mentioned above.
My Story

I was a cute chubby baby. When I began to lose my rolls of fat around the age of five I was taken to the doctor to see
why I was so thin.  The doctor put me on "tonic" (what in the world was that?) and soon they decided to remove my
tonsils.  Now that worked... I began eating anything and everything, especially I ate to win approval!  When my younger
siblings wouldn't eat, we would remain at the table until they would clean their plates.  Of course, I had cleaned mine
and continued to eat to please.  The beginning of my journey with S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).let me know that I
was a chubby little girl.  That was my image of myself through elementary school.  In Junior High, I began doing more
and more dancing... ballet, tap, jazz and, I became a cheerleader.  Even more aware of the fact that I was overweight, I
was obsessed (from time to time) with losing that extra ten pounds.  The roll around my middle became a particular
annoyance.  Our princess style cheerleader uniforms showed that roll on me.  I both loved and hated that uniform!  Oh
yes, I could see the roll of fat even if no one else could.  Then came the day that my dance teacher wanted us to start
wearing a leotard to dance class and the dieting began for real!

Since those teen-age years I have tried every diet under the sun including the
least healthy possible to a few that were somewhat reasonable.  Most of the time, I
lost very well when I was dieting.  I was active.  As the years went by and I went from
one deprivation diet to the next, my metabolism seemed  be non-existent.  Though
I remained very active, I couldn't lose weight and maintain the loss.  The older I got,
the harder it was to lose weight.  It was not only that I couldn't maintain a loss...
I just plain couldn't lose. At 81 years of age I had a very sore knee due to many
years of overuse and arthritis and I knew that I if I could get some weight off, it would
help the knee.  A friend was having amazing success with a ketogenic diet and
I made the decision to jump on board the keto wagon and I am not sorry.  It  is my
new lifestyle... not a diet. I am not losing quickly like my friend did and like I have
seen others do.  But,I am losing and I am healthier!.  With six months into this journey
I don't plan to turn back.  This site will need some constant monitoring to keep it up to
date! If you'd like join the ride.  It's not hard to do.

Check out those websites above,join in.and Keto On!!!
       October 2017                                                                               April 2018
                     June 2017                                                                                 April 2018
These photos show then and now reults at this time.  The scale shows 28 pounds.  
Neither the scale nor the pictures tell the whole story of better health!