Movin' On is an interactive talk designed to encourage older adults to move for both enjoyment and health!
Who will benefit?
Ages 55 and up
  • Skilled Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Independent older adults

What does the talk provide?
  • Inspirational and motivational message
  • Stress relief and gentle exercise
  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Retirement Centers
  • Community Senior Programs
  • Church Senior Programs

Call or email to set a time for your program!
205/602-1097 or
Are you marking time or, are you willing to try dancing the Cha-Cha?  

People who are marking time are often timid, and perhaps indifferent and uninspired.  With low self-esteem, they procrastinate, usually blaming
something or someone else for their low energy and reluctance to move.    They may be depressed or unhappy.

Will you choose to move boldly with the strength of a Latin beat?  
You can transform your life right now.  But, you have to be willing to move… even to dance!

                           I want to Cha-cha!  

Are you willing to move?  Are you willing to dance with the fire that burns in you?  Are you ready to move on?

Let’s look more closely at five essential movements that enable us respond to that fire, that passion that burns within.   Your Tempo! incorporates  these

  • Bend: Encourage flexibility
  • Stretch: Extend range of motion
  • Disengage: Empower stability
  • Circle: Improve circulation
  • Kick: Optimize energy

Relax now and enjoy the rhythm.  Listen carefully and you can hear your heart beat!
If you are in charge of booking informative, inspirational, and beneficial programs for an
older adult community, please delight your group with
Movin' On.
Program length?... What length program works best for your community?   I suggest 45 minutes
for the program itself.  Allow time around that for fellowship.

Let's set a date
205/602-1097 or
Some ideas for your program:

Make it morning coffee.  Coffee and sweet roles with wake-up inspiration.

Have an afternoon tea.  Gather around cookies and tea or lemonade and enjoy a
refreshing talk.

Sunset sweets.  Serve a light dessert and add some sweetness to life.